1 How is Acino Different? Noticeable right away is Acino's cleaner look when compared to foil wrapped suppositories. Plastic wrapped suppositories are easier to read and easier to open than foil wrapped. Not having to deal with the problem of partially tearing open the foil is another advantage. And, plastic wrapped suppositories provide more protection for the suppository as foil wrapping allows for easy damage, such as creasing and denting.

2 Why Color Coded Suppositories? Acino's Dulcolax type Bisacodyl lO mg suppository wrappers have green print and those of our Preparation H type Hemorrhoidal are in blue print, similar to both national brands, respectively. Color coding also helps eliminate mistakes on the Acino packaging lines.

3 Why Bar Coded Suppositories? All Acino suppository wrappers are bar coded with NDC/Product Code information. This ensures that those suppositories which end up in hospitals - and many do, particularly the Bisacodyl lO mg - are dispensed correctly, beyond any mistake in reading the product name and strength printed on the suppository wrapper.

4 Acino has also reformulated and all new quotes are based on the current Active and Inactive ingredients of the national brand.